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Time to finally get those smelly, oily linens clean!

As a spa, you work incredibly hard to create a luxurious and relaxing environment for your guests, but treatments can leave an ugly mess behind on your linens – something customers don’t want to see. Oils remaining behind on towels and robes can also present a serious fire risk in dryers – a risk the supremely effective Hydrofinity system significantly reduces.

Aromatherapy oils and other products can stain your towels and robes, even leaving behind unpleasant smells. Often these items have to be replaced – and luxury spa linens aren’t cheap.

But there is a better way to get spa linens clean and fresh-smelling! Hydrofinity.

The gentle yet supremely effective Hydrofinity system achieves superior results without damaging linens or the environment.

With Hydrofinity, your spa saves money by reducing water consumption by up to 80% and requiring less frequent linen replacement.

Time to clean those stinky, oily linens!

It also helps protect local water supplies and enhances your sustainability credentials – a useful marketing opportunity in a highly competitive, eco-conscious industry.

The [Hydrofinity] machine has worked wonders in our spa laundry. As well as saving a huge amount of water—which has contributed to significant cost savings—we also use far less detergent and energy than before. We love the machine so much we recently started washing hotel room robes too!

- David Munson, General Manager, Whittlebury Hall