Linen quality matters in hospitality.

You put a HUGE amount of effort into satisfying your hotel guests.

You strive to ensure everything is just right, from check-in to departure - and laundry is no exception.

Towels, bedding and table linen should be brilliantly clean, fresh-smelling, and in perfect condition for guests to use. After all, research shows that guests rate hotels based partly on the linens in their room...

Great hotels need a cutting-edge laundry system that:

Reliably deliver perfectly washed laundry

Reliably deliverS Perfectly Washed Laundry time after time

Re-washes are no longer needed and linen replacement costs are slashed with Hydrofinity

Hydrofinity laundry technology is water-efficient

Is HIGHLY Water-efficient (whilst also reducing energy consumption)

The unique Hydrofinity system cuts utility bills and provides sustainability credentials you can shout about – something research shows is increasingly important to travelers

Hydrofinity laundry technology pampers your textiles

provides the pampering your textiles deserve

Why spend money on top quality linens then wash them in a way that leaves them scratchy and hard? When washed with Hydrofinity they feel soft and luxurious for longer, increasing guest satisfaction and setting yourselves apart from competitors

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Hotels Save on Utility and Linen Replacement Costs With Xeros (Now Hydrofinity)


Introduce the Hydrofinity System with XOrbTM technology and cut your water use by up to 80% - delivering significant cost savings whilst building your reputation as a sustainability-conscious hotel.

The ultra-gentle yet effective cleaning process delivers unbeatable stain removal results and makes sure luxury linens look and feel new for longer.

Your laundry team will find our equipment easy to use, and it will reduce the time they currently lose to pre-treating and reclaim cycles.

You will also gain access to the exclusive XConnectTM online portal from Xeros, which allows you to monitor washer usage and water & energy consumption in an internet browser on any device.

The technology has not only helped us further our commitment to the environment but provides validation for our green initiatives... the high level of cleaning performance enables us to improve our guests’ comfort with whiter, fresher linens and towels.

- Kevin Kretsch, General Manager at Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia

Be part of the revolution!

It's time to change the way you think about laundry.

Deliver better results and improve your customers' experiences without using wasteful amounts of water and excessive temperatures.

A more sustainable and efficient laundry solution is here.

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