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Saving money and the environment, one load at a time.

Commercial launderers need to deliver spotless linens, on time, at competitive prices. Controlling costs is key to your profitability.

By reducing water consumption by up to 80%, Hydrofinity commercial laundry systems save you a significant amount of money on utility bills. Lower usage also helps sustain local water supplies, and allows you to meet your sustainability goals.

The gentle, patented Hydrofinity cleaning process helps fabrics stay looking new for longer. Linens don’t need to be replaced as often, ensuring further savings.

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Track your utility usage and estimated savings via XConnect, our exclusive cloud-based IoT laundry management solution, on any web-enabled device. You can also monitor machine activity and status at any time, helping you avoid costly downtime and delays.

The system shows startlingly brighter and better recovery performance when processing already re-washed linens and most other textiles.

- Paul Woodhead, Owner Telford Laundry, UK

UK Commercial Laundry Provides Superior Clean With Hydrofinity