World Water Day 2020: How Hydrofinity are Helping to Reduce Water & Climate Change

Sustainability | Mar 20, 2020 11:00:00 AM

International World Water Day, held on 22nd March each year, is about taking action to tackle the global water crisis and lack of access to safe drinking water. The theme this year is "Water and Climate Change". 

In this blog, we look at how in 2019 the Hydrofinity washing system became the first commercial machine globally to be awarded Environmentally Preferable Product Certification. The key findings from this report concluded that the Hydrofinity washing machine demonstrated reductions across all impact areas when compared to the conventional machine.

The three key areas were:

1. Climate Change
2. Primary Energy Demand
3. Water Use

Climate Change

EPP Climate Change StatGlobal warming resulting from emission of greenhouse gases are causing the global mean temperatures to rise. Increased global temperatures result in global climate change, with expected impacts including reduction in food and food supplies, reductions in potable water, and sea level rise, among others.

The Hydrofinity machine contributes 48-60% less to global warming impacts than the conventional washing machine.


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Primary Energy Demand


Primary Energy Demand EPPThis category evaluates the total energy consumed across the entire life cycle of the washing machines. It is the cumulative consumption of non-renewable energy such as that generated by coal or natural gas, and renewable energy coming from hydro, wind or solar sources.

Because the XOrb cycle does not require heated water, the Hydrofinity machine consumes between 66-72% less energy than the comparison machine in the use phase.


Water Use

Water use EPPThis category provides an aggregate of fresh water used across the life cycle of both washing machines. There is some embedded water use associated with generation of electricity, which is considered in addition to the wash process.

Overall, Hydrofinity uses 46-56% less water than the comparison machine.



Read the full Environmentally Preferable Product Summary and Key Findings Report, here. 

Happy World Water Day!

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