Guest Blog: Four Simple Hotel Swaps that Boost Sustainability

Sustainability, Guest Post | Aug 20, 2019 4:15:00 PM

With climate change on everyone’s minds at the moment, businesses are increasingly looking for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and improve sustainability. Guests too are becoming far more aware of the environmental impact of hotels, and growing numbers of booking decisions are now influenced by the eco-friendly credentials of resorts.

For these reasons, it’s incredibly important that hotels are aware of their carbon footprint, and open to making changes that enhance the sustainability of their processes. The effects of the hospitality industry on the environment might not be as significant as other sectors, but there are still impactful changes that can be made in hotels, which have the power to significantly reduce the emissions of these businesses. Here are just a few simple swaps that hotels can adopt today.

1. Use less water

Water wastage is a problem that we all need to tackle, both in our daily lives and in the businesses we run. Thankfully, there are many simple changes that hotels can make to limit their use of this precious resource. Consider push-action timed taps, and install efficient shower heads in all hotel bathrooms. Replacing toilets with modern dual-flush systems will also help to reduce any water wastage. If weather conditions allow, it’s a good idea to collect rainwater to be used to water plants around the hotel. All of these changes are far better for the environment, and will save money too.

 2. Banish single-use plastic

brian-yurasits-k5MJm3U07SA-unsplashSingle-use plastic is a massive issue, and it’s one that guests are becoming increasingly aware of. Rid your rooms of damaging single-use plastic, by replacing toiletries and plastic water bottles with cleaner, recyclable or reusable alternatives. Glass bottles look brilliant in hotel bathrooms, and can be easily refilled by cleaning staff whenever required. Urge guests not to use single-use plastic water bottles, by providing reusable bottles and plenty of filtered water dispensers throughout the hotel and its grounds.

3. Encourage guests to reuse linens

Many hotels wash towels and bed linen every single day, but this is entirely unnecessarily - not to mention bad for the environment! Leave notes in rooms asking guests to consider reusing their towels, and give them the option of letting staff know when they’d like their linens changed. Many guests will be more than happy to reuse linens during their stay, saving the business money and reducing water usage significantly. When linens need to be washed, you can save more water by investing in efficient, water-saving machines.

 4. Offer locally-sourced food

sam-moqadam-zZp_dJIS-cM-unsplashFood is sometimes overlooked when we talk about climate change, but it shouldn’t be. Food waste has a huge impact on the environment, particularly if that wasted food is meat or dairy. It’s not just wasting food that we need to be aware of either. Food that has travelled from far and wide might impress guests, but these long journeys have a detrimental effect on the planet. So, offer your guests locally-sourced, organic food whenever possible. Champion produce from the local area, and make sure guests know where their food comes from. Offer plenty of vegetarian and vegan alternatives, and provide guests with sustainable, environmentally-friendly food that tastes amazing.


There are so many changes that hoteliers can make to improve sustainability and reduce their impact on the environment. Start with a few simple swaps to reduce water usage, and consider introducing reusable, recyclable versions of common hotel products. It’s also well worth thinking about the impact of your hotel’s restaurant and bar menus, and switching to locally-sourced versions of dishes if you can. By making these quick, cost-effective changes, hotels can dramatically reduce their carbon footprint, and do their bit in the fight against climate change.

This article was written by South Point Suites, the perfect hotel for short or long visits to London.


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