Press Release: New Partnership with Distributor in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Hydrofinity is pleased to announce Agemon Hightech Ecology as a new authorised partner for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Agemon - who focus on high-tech products in the field of ecology and consider water to be one of the most precious substances on Earth - will sell, install and service Hydrofinity washing machines throughout both countries. 

This partnership reflects Hydrofinity's move to a licensing model and follows similar agreements in the UK, USA, China, India, Dubai, Turkey and South Africa.

Our First Czech Republic Trade Show

HYDROFINITY MACHINE AT DESIGNBLOK 2019_CROPPEDThe partnership between Hydrofinity and Agemon will be launched this week at Designblok International Design Festival in Prague.

Agemon chose to exhibit at this exciting 5-day event – which runs from 17th October to 21st October 2019 – as it will see up to 50,000 visitors from across Europe including many from the hospitality sector.

The award-winning washing machine from Hydrofinity – which uses up to 80% less water than conventional machines - will be in action on Agemon's stand, number P44. The 20kg capacity machine will be on show but both this machine and the larger 36kg capacity version, are available to buy.

Roman Nedvěd, Managing Director at Agemon, explains why they are launching the Hydrofinity washing machine in Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

"Agemon is focused on high-tech products in the field of ecology. We always ensure the products we sell are not only economical and environmentally friendly, which we see clearly as a priority, but also bring maximum joy and satisfaction to users. We think the Hydrofinity washing machine has a luxurious design and smart technology and are very impressed with the sustainability and cost savings the machine already brings customers in other parts of the world. We are confident hotels in Czech Republic and Slovakia will be as impressed by this machine as we are."

Design Blok 2019 2

“We’re very excited that our machines are now available in Czech Republic and Slovakia and look forward to helping hotels in this region save water, energy and money,” Sales and Channel Director EMEA, Jamie Harrison said. “I know that our partner in this region - Agemon - will help us to deliver outstanding service to customers.”

Download our Czech Republic brochure to read more.

We hope to see you in Prague! 

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