3 Tips to Keep Fancy Dress Costumes in Tip-Top Condition

Commercial Laundry, Hotel Laundry | Oct 31, 2018 2:30:00 PM

Happy Halloween! After the fun of trick or treating, your snazzy fancy dress outfit might look a little worse for wear – fake blood in particular can be a nightmare to get out! It may be a little smelly too – sticky sweets and spilt drinks don’t smell so pleasant after a while...

But unfortunately your spider outfit or witch’s hat might not be the easiest item to wash due to its delicate nature or unusual shape.

Here are our top tips to ensure your outfit is spotless (and scary for all the right reasons) next year.

1) Don’t throw it straight in the linen basket

Check the label first! Your outfit may need to be dry-cleaned or hand washed. If neither of these symbols are featured on the garment care label it should be fine in the washing machine - just be careful to choose the right temperature and wash with similar colours to avoid dye transfer. (Or you could of course take the items to a commercial launderer who has a Hydrofinity machine…)

2) Don’t leave stains to fester...

Act immediately! Whilst you don’t have to take spray and a cloth out in your trick or treat bucket, treat the affected area as soon as you can. From blood to Ribena – there’s a trick for every stain! Let us know if you come across a stubborn stain you can't get out - we-'ll help if we can.

3) Don’t hang your costume up to dry

Lay it flat, ideally on a towel. Your garment will keep its shape a lot better this way than if you hang or peg it out to dry. Most Halloween costumes are made out of a synthetic fabric which can’t be ironed, but laying flat right after washing will ensure it dries as crease-free as possible.

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